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next up, 9news now at 11:00. sponsored by next day blinds. this is 9news now. >> as citizens of this great country, that is our most fundamental right. our most solemn obligation, to cast our ballots and have our say in the indivisible shape our lives. >> the first lady addresses the gala tonight, urging leaders to get out the vote. hello, everybody, i'm bruce
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johnson. president barack obama has a lead in some swing states. tonight at the washington convention center, michelle obama used her keynote address to the congressional black caucus gala to urge voters to register voters and turn out on election day. >> too many of us choose not to participate. while we are tuning out and staying home on election day, other folks are tuning in. other folks are taking politics very seriously. and they are engaged on every level. >> one of the hot issues at the congressional black caucus event is a protest by some black clergy who are urging
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african americans to stay at home on election day to protest the president's support for gay marriage. ken picks up the story from here. he's live downtown from the gala at the convention center. ken, what's up? >> reporter: good evening to you, bruce. it's because of that protest that you just talked about that the first lady's comments come at a critical moment for the black community locally and throughout the country. this is of course, following remarks from black ministers who oppose president obama's stance on same-sex marriage. ♪ [ music ] the who's who of black leaders packed the washington convention center for the annual black gala. fresh on the minds are recent remarks made by religious leaders within the black community, urging their congregations to stay home and not vote this election. that suggestion comes as a form of opposition to president
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obama's support for same-sex marriage. it's a message leaders at the gala rejected. >> anyone that would encourage that given what we had to go through, get the right to vote. someone that is operating at the height of amnesia. >> we need every vote. every vote counts. my father almost lost his life. he got shot trying to get the right to vote in louisiana. every time i cast my ballot, i cast it in memory of my father. >> people gave up their lives for this opportunity. >> in the african american community is jobs, jobs, and jobs. >> the first lady speech, of course, one that was very popular among those in attendance. to quote her, she said voting was everyone's birthright. something that drew in lots of applause out here. we're live in northwest d.c.,
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ken molestina, 9news. >> mitt romney and barack obama attacking each other on the campaign trail today. the president in milwaukee. the republican hopeful in southern california. drew levenson has that report tonight. >> reporter: president barack obama came to wisconsin hungry for votes and food at a rally, president obama said it takes more than one term to fix the economy. he hammered away at gop challenger, mitt romney, over his economic policy. >> we need to bring down our deficit, but we don't need to do it by sticking to the middle class. >> the president leads in the polls here. but what's in this key swing state, to offset a republican home state advantage. romney's vice presidential running mate is wisconsin congressman, paul ryan. both presidential candidates spent saturday fund raising. in california, romney told donors the president has failed america. >> i'm convinced that the president doesn't have a fundamental understanding of what makes this economy work.
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>> with unemployment at 8.1%. romney promised to get americans back to work. >> helping our people have the dignity of not just a job, but a good job with good pay. i will fight like the dickens to do that for every american. >> election day is a little more than six weeks away and romney is expected to focus on the swing state where the winner will likely be decided. cbs news. >> stay with 9news now and for all your campaign information. turning elsewhere, wheaten mother is dead and police are searching for her live-in boyfriend. it happened at an apartment complex in the 2200 block of georgian way around 3:30 this morning. detectives were called to the apartment for a report of a domestic disturbance. they found 37-year-old marcella dead in a stairwell outside her apartment. the woman's three children apparently slept through their mother's murder. >> i just think it's really
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unfortunate for the children. i just think it's unfortunate that it had to happen like this. >> it was early in the morning. further more, officers on the scene took measures so they wouldn't see the scene and the stairwell and had the children exit the apartment from a window and down a ladder. >> tonight, police are looking for 31-year-old murtire puent e fulcar. he may be driving a newer model ford edge. the white supremacyst group held a march. far outnumbered the hate group. police spent most of the effort to keep the two sides apart. surae chinn shares if they are successful. >> reporter: dozens of police officers surrounded the 14 area
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nation members. many more came out to counter the hate group. they clashed with angry words. >> you are everything that is wrong with this society. >> you can see a huge police presence all the way down the street. we turn around here and you can see the counter protesters are trying to stop the march from happening. the motions that intensified. it never escalated to arrest, but it came close for thomas. >> guys, come on. >> came up in southeast. this is my city and to allow them to come in here, i couldn't stand by and let it happen. >> you are condoning the murder of innocent -- >> the small group said they came to washington to shine light on the atrocities of
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white farmers in south africa. all it did was insight residents. the group closed traffic along east capital street from lincoln park to the capital. the group made it to the end of their march in front of the capital without any arrests for anyone injured. in southeast, surae chinn, 9news now. >> the 15-year-old girl remains hospitalized in critical condition tonight after being struck by a police vehicle. janaya richards was among several high schoolers leaving a football game at watkins mill high school last night in gaithersburg when several fights broke out in the parking lot. police officers were called to the scene. a cruiser driven by corporal raymond bennett struck the girl as she stepped off a curb. >> the young girl stepped her foot out into the road and was struck on the right hand side of the car. and i seen her.
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it had to be ten feet in the air. it was -- she flew really high and she landed and that was very -- it shook me up. >> we're told corporal bennett is an 18 year veteran of the police department. tonight he has been placed on administrative leave. three other officers who came to the girl's aid have been placed on leave while police continue their internal investigation. an arrest tonight in a brutal attack on a 72-year-old man. 22-year-old justin charles strong has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery. last saturday, prince georges county police were called to the 3800 block of blatensburg report. the victim had been beaten with an aluminum bat. 72-year-old man remains hospitalized tonight in stable condition. motorcyclist is killed tonight in prince georges county. it happened just before 6:00. no wrd on the name of the victim.
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the motorcycle caught fire after colliding with another vehicle. eastbound route 50 at 202 shut down for about two hours tonight. coming up on 9news now. what was he thinking? a man jumped into a tiger pit at a zoo in new york. just ahead, a wheelchair bound double amputee shot and killed by police. >> i'm meteorologist, erica grow. it's nice out here on the patio. we did have an earlier downpour. that's all done with now. take a welcome at your wakeup weather forecast. it will be cooler as you are waking up tomorrow morning. 48 in some of the outlying areas. 58 in the downtown area. breezy and cooler tomorrow. details coming up in your full forecast.
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a wheelchair double amputee was shot and killed by police. officers were called to a group home by a report of a disturbance. the man came at police and waved a metal object. >> he had a temper. he could fly off once in a while. so i don't know. i'm not trying to justify or say he did anything. >> officers on the scene say
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the man refused to follow their instructions to remain still. that metal object, by the way, turned out to be an ink pen. new york man is in critical condition tonight after jumping into the tiger pit at the zoo. officials say the 25-year-old man jumped from the zoo's monorail into the tiger exhibit screaming, i want to die. he almost got his wish. the man scaled two fences and jumped into the pit where he was mauled by a 400 pound siberian tiger. animal caretakers saw what happened. they were quick to respond. it may have saved the man's life. >> really, he should have been dead. tigers are man eaters. they are eating machines. all they do is kill, kill, kill. there's no love affair between a human and a tiger. >> the man suffered multiple puncture wounds as well as a broken arm and ankle. one of the most popular attractions in washington has
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been slimed. a thick layer of green algae has made its way to the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial. that caused some visitors to the reflecting pool by surprise. >> it is a little disappointing, but all in all, it is green. >> i thought it was going to be clear water. >> the algae surfaced less than a month after a $34 million overhaul of the monument was completed. the two-year project reengineered the reflecting pool to draw water from the title basin instead of city drinking water. the system is supposed to filter and circulate the water to keep it clean. just ahead on 9news now, crews in los angeles are dismantelling the space shuttle endeavour. and could we be looking for a sunny and breezy sunday? forecast coming up.
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this weekend, crews in l.a. are dismantelling the space shuttle endeavor from atop the 747 jet. preparation for its next stop. retired spacecraft has spent a first full day in los angeles after flying over the skies of
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california. thousands of people across the state came out to witness the shuttle's flyover. endeavour will be on display of the california science center beginning october 30. in case you are out there. >> if you have ever seen a shuttle in person, it's an unbelievable sight and it's worth seeing, that's for sure. >> absolutely. i thought it was great out there today. >> it was pretty nice. it felt like summer. we had that brief line of showers, but besides that, totally in the clear and that's what we are going to enjoy overnight tonight. take a look at our michael and son weather cam. the dew point starting to fall. they were well into the 60s during the day today. that dew point is in the mid 50s and winds have shifted out of the north, northwest right now instead of that strong southerly and southwesterly breeze that we had during the day. right now, boy, a big contrast in temperatures, depending on how close to the belt way you are. it's 72 downtown. but it's 46 degrees in oakland
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right now and 66-degrees in frederick. inbetween with your temperatures there. and it is because of that cold front that is sweeping on through, bringing that cooler and dryer air mass that we will enjoy tomorrow. so here's your weather headlines. the showers have passed and because of the cold front, we are seeing that wind shift. tomorrow the sunshine returns. the backside of that cold front has cooler and breezy conditions for us. and that will last not only on sunday, but also on monday. we're going to see cooler and somewhat breezy conditions, but monday does look good. here's a look at that storm as it pushed on through during the evening hours. still a very well defined line of showers and thunderstorms here. but most of the energy has moved out and you can see some clearing starting to move in. that's what we will enjoy as we head into tomorrow. partial clearing and breezes do pick up a little bit. down to 50 degrees in the outlying suburbs and 58 degrees in downtown d.c. with those winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour.
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during the afternoon tomorrow, it will be mostly sunny and breezy and definitely less humid than it was today. 65 degrees in the outer parts of the beltway and 72 degrees downtown. winds out of northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. you'll notice the breeze. checking out the zone, we will not get out of the 60s in the panhandle. we're going to look at 66 degrees for your high in cumberland. 70 in hagerstown. 69 in leesburg and 70 degrees in warrenton. the bay, we do have a small craft advisory in place for tomorrow. keep that in mind. 72 in andrews air force base and 71 in pax river. the redskins forecast will be breezy. besides that, it looks great. kickoff at 1:00 p.m. as the redskins take on the bengals and the temperature in the low 70s. over the next three days, green light, no problems out here. we're looking good and beautiful weather for monday and tuesday. now on tuesday, you'll notice an increase in temperature and an increase in cloud cover.
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our next storm system arrives on wednesday and that will bring us some showers, maybe a rumble of thunder on wednesday and thursday. you see the temperatures will be back up to around 80 degrees on wednesday. but that's the only day in the seven-day forecast that we touch 80 degrees. besides that, we have that fall- like feel in the atmosphere. you're going to notice a difference. i know you said you liked today. tomorrow will be a big difference, but if you don't mind that fall-like feel in there, i think you'll like it tomorrow, too. >> get a bike ride in. >> should be nice. thank you. >> expert panel for the program says they will have a hard time defeating the bengals. >> it will be a tough game. it will be a challenge for the redskins. they are explosive. they have andrew hawkins at slot receiver. they are explosive on offense. >> i think rg3 will have a 350- yard game. he is also going to rush for a
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lot of yards. i'm really curious to see defensively whether or not the redskins can generate more pressure. adam, brian orakpo, the next man up league as we always hear, opportunities for the first time for jarvis jenkins. >> it's on channel 9 tomorrow at 1:00. and game on, that is kristen berset. i don't know why you had me on. >> you need more face time, bruce, you don't get enough face time. >> i need the money. well like you said, home debut, rg3 making his home debut tomorrow. it's going to be exciting. of course, the big question surrounds this defense. hear from the guys on filling those injury voids. plus, they hold their own out west. hear from the team coming up in sports.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> the maryland terrapins weren't given much hope. they were on the road against west virginia. a team is averaging 55 points a game. the terrapins went into morgantown as 26 point underdogs. they struggled pretty much most of the season when the mountaineers have been impressive. the baltimore native was a problem for the terps d all day long. 44 yards, hear from gino smith off to the races. 14-0. terps quarterback is the freshman. he had a good day. he found stefan digs who does
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the rest. talk about yards after the catch. digs just three receptions today, but racked up 113 yards. terps down 7. next position, hill fires a dart to marcus leak to complete a nine play, 64-yard drive. that ties the ball game at 14. terps hung in there, but to austin again. third touchdown of the day. in all, 13 catches for 179 yards. west virginia wins this one by 10. 31-21. >> there are no moral victories, you know. we don't play the game and put the effort and time we get into to walk away feeling good. >> it was very frustrating. we're doing what we need to do and one or two plays slipping by and executing on it. >> you know, it was a little bit on the line. my cousin went to maryland a couple years ago. he never beat me, so i mean.
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>> michael rocco in virginia visiting 16th ranked tcu. casey throwing the ball all over the field. the horn frogs qb threw for 305 yards and three touchdowns. receiver josh here scores 18 touchdowns for a new school record. rolls 27-7. virginia tech rocking the cammo today. 144 yards passing. two touchdowns, including this 42-yarder. roberts, hokies cruise 37-0 over bowing green. navy looking for their first win hosting vmi. late in the first half, troy miller with the option, goes seven yards. scored 28 points in the second half to win their home opener 41-3. redskins return home tomorrow. robert griffin iii making his debut at fedex field. while many are excited to see him play, the eyes will be on
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this skins defense. in last week's loss, the skins lost two linebacker, brian orakpo and adam. both men now in ir, orakpo tore a muscle near his left shoulder. he tore a quad tendon in his right knee. linebacker says even though those are two big losses, the rest of this team now needs to step up. >> those guys are really irreplaceable. they bring the same type of demeanor to the came. you have guys for a reason, bringing up 53 guys, so the guys step in. i have most confidence in rob jackson, bringing back marcus white. allow him to get in there and pass rush. and him stepping up, jenkins stepping up with the defensive tackle spot, so we can continue to stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback. >> it's going to be a great game. a few hours later, ravens host new england. a rematch

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